Corporate Social Responsibility

With our leader’s burning passion for chess, The Ekatama Group is serious about the advancement and future of Chess in Indonesia. On the 1st of January 1993, our President Director along with GM Utut Adianto, Kristianus Liem and R. Kamaluddin established the Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto (SCUA). The aim of this school is to produce future chess stars of Indonesia with international standard through rigorous and proper training. Some of this training takes place in the second floor of our head office during the weekends. We have also dedicated a building in Bekasi (address ) for SCUA’s main operation and training. This school is our long term vision for a systematic and more institutionalized chess education with the help of computers and books, professional training subsidised by The Ekatama Group.

All young chess players who received appreciation together with the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, Chair of PB.Percasi and the Board of Trustees of PB. Percasi
Appreciation for the company for contributing to Indonesian Chess sports 28 July 2018
Appreciation to Samantha Edithso for Best Chess Player 2018
Blindfold Match GM Timur Gareyev vs 15 Young talented Chess Player
Blindfold Match GM Utut Adianto vs GM Timur Gareyev @ Hours Cafe Jakarta 07 Juli 2018
Eka Putra Wirya Speech @ Blindfold Match GM Utut Adianto vs GM Timur Gareyev
Eka Putra Wirya, Kristianus Liem dan Blindfold of Chess GM Timur Gareyev dari USA pada JAPFA GM _ JAPFA WGM 23 April 2018 di Hotel Century Park Senayan
Samantha Edithso menerima Trophy dari Sekekretaris Jendral Asian Chess Federation, Hisham Al Taher
Asian Universities Chess Championship 2018
Samantha Edithso meraih 2 medali emas pada Asian Youth Chess Championship kelompok umur 10 tahun putri untuk nomor Rapid (catur cepat) dan Blitz (catur kilat) di Chiang Mai – Thailand
Irene dan Medina Meraih Perak Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017 di Ashbagat, Turkmenistan
Chelsie Monica Sihite dan Ummi Fisabilillah meraih Medali Perunggu Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017 di Ashgabat, Trukmenistan – didampingi oleh Direktur SCUA Bapak Kristianus Liem
Dewan Pertimbangan dan Pembina Percasi 2017 – 2021
Minutes Blitz Chess Game WGM Iren Kharisma Sukandar vs WGM Almira Skripchenko
WGM Iren Kharisma Sukandar – Utut Adianto @ 30th Anniversary EKATAMA Group
Theodora Paulina Walukow salah satu atlet berprestasi yang mendapat undangan dari Presiden Joko Widodo pada perayaan HUT RI ke-70 yang dilangsungkan di Istana Bogor tanggal 18 Agustus 2015
FIDE World Women’s Championship – Russian Federation #1
FIDE World Women’s Championship – Russian Federation #2
FIDE World Women’s Championship – Russian Federation #3
Garry Kasparov, Former World Chess Champion Visit EKATAMA Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto to Support Young Chess Player Indonesia
Makita Women Chess Match Indonesia vs French #1
National Selection for 41st Olympiad
National Selection for 41st Olympiad
Theodora Paulina Walukow pada World Schools Chess Championships 2014 – Brazil